While you do not necessarily need to install Python on Linux or Mac OS X distributions, usually it is either installed or part of the development environment that needs to be installed, for most other systems you will need to obtain an implementation of the Python interpreter and some development environment. We use version 2.7.x (or newer) in the examples.

Different Python implementations for various systems can be found here:
Active State (for Windows recommended)

Scheme does not usually come with any operating system per default. Various dialects and implementations exist. We focus here on the PLT Scheme distribution, in particular the DrRacket environment.


Online books and documentation

Dive into Python
Thinking in Python
Python Resource for Linguists New to Programming
Non-Programmers Tutorial For Python
Python for Linguists - A Gentle Introduction to the Python Language


Tools for computational linguistics

Natural Language Toolkit (NLTK) - Python
Scheme Natural Language Toolkit

Python and computational linguistics courses (a random collection)

- UPenn course by Mitch Marcus
- Brandeis University course by James Pustejovsky
- University of Edinburgh course by Ewan Klein and Steve Renals
- Bryn Mawr College course by Deepak Kumar