Make-up take-home exam

I will distribute the make-up exam today in class on paper. Sorry, but I have no digital copies of that, nor will I be able to distribute digital copies of the tasks. The rules are, you will receive this take-home exam today at the end of the class, take it home and submit your written answers latest on next Sunday (27th of November 2011) before midnight electronically as a PDF attachment to an email to my EMICH email address.

The points will be added to and averaged with the points of the mid-term exam. If you do not submit anything, as for the mid-term exam, you stay with the grade you got for it. There is no extension of the deadline for submission, neither a negotiation about other things related to that. This should give you an easy opportunity to improve your grade, giving you 6 days to solve a couple of questions from morphology and phonology.

Do not forget, send me the assignments due today via email as a PDF attachment!