Use an online tool for conversion of DOC- to PDF-files

You can use the Smart PDF Creator online to convert a Word document (DOC) file to a PDF file:

Smart PDF Creator

Assignment for the 26th of September

Page 57 in edition 5 (also Google Books version) or page 59 in edition 6, i.e. the newest edition, and there the exercises 1 to 4 and 7.

Reading: finish chapter 2 from Akmajian et. al and chapter 3 up to Section 3.3!

Send the assignments electronically via email to the instructor before class.

Assignment for the 19th of September 2011

Please read the textbook chapters 1 and 2, chapter 2 at least up to section 2.4, including section 2.4.
Formulate questions and mark sections that you do not understand. Either send me these via email, come to discuss them during the office hours, or address them in class.