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23 January 2020

Meetings On Knowledge Representations and Reasoning for AI using Lisp and Prolog

by Damir Cavar


If you are interested in some meetings and tutorials on Lisp and Prolog for computational semantics, pragmatics, reasoning, probabilistic logic, let me know. During Spring 2020 I will organize some sessions here at Indiana University at Bloomington to go over some publications, tutorials, and work through some code.

Date and Time: Spring 2020

Location: IU Bloomington Campus, TBA


We will look into Prolog and Common Lisp again, using these tools:

See for some documentation the links on the corresponding websites.

We use a Slack channel to communicate meeting times and other arrangements. Email me to add you to the Slack channel.

See the two GitHub repos for material related to these meetings:

tags: NLP AI Natural-Language-Processing Knowledge-Graph Computational-Linguistics Lisp Prolog Semantics Pragmatics Probabilistic-Logic