Colloquium and Research Group Meeting working on Deep Linguistics and Deep Learning

For the local IU folks:

we are meeting regularly on Wednesdays after 12:30 PM during Spring semester 2018 to work on:

  • Probabilistic Unification using PDAGs and implementing them in C++ and Go
  • these PDAGs represent feature structures in LFG or HPSG frameworks, but they can be also used for Description Logic implementations and reasoning with OWL for example, allowing for fuzzy or probabilistic reasoning using ontologies
  • we work on the mapping of AVMs encoded in these PDAGs to map them on vectors, try to map unification on Linear Algebra computations and port it to GPUs, using CUDA
  • we process text/language by annotating tokens with a weighted linearization of morpho-syntactic and semantic features, train Deep Learning networks on these models and experiment with top-down DL approaches

This is all related to bringing deep linguistic theories (syntax, semantics, pragmatics) closer to deep learning or HPC.

Note, these are not lectures or tutorial sessions, just ongoing work and research. If you interested in contributing to something along these lines, open/free source code, we meet Wednesdays at 12:30 and work till midnight at 111 N Bryan Ave. Let me know.