Foma comes as a package in the standard distribution of Ubuntu. However, it might be necessary to recompile it, if you intend to link the static library to your software, since the static library was missing in the 16.04 LTE distro that I tested. You can uninstall the fedora package and use the same instructions below to compile your own version with all components (i.e. binaries, dynamic and static libs, and include files) for Ubuntu 16.04 or Fedora 24. In fact, the same is true for compilation on the most recent Mac OSX with Xcode.

I got the Foma source from the GitHub site using the foma-0.9.18.tar.gz file.

In the unpacked folder foma-0.9.18. I edited the Makefile. In line 16 I changed the line:

LDFLAGS = -lreadline -lz -ltermcap

by removing the -ltermcap parameter to get:

LDFLAGS = -lreadline -lz

I saved the changed Makefile.

In [Cygwin] I made sure that all the development tools are installed, and in particular the package libreadline-devel.

To compile Foma I ran:


To install the libraries and include-files I ran:

make install

You could prepend the command above with sudo on Mac OSX or Linux. The components can be found in the subfolders bin, lib, include of /usr/local.

That is all.